One of the biggest problems in the rapidly growing and developing carpet washing sector is to increase the capacity to meet growing customer demand. Many carpet cleaning companies are installed or automated system at the stage of the next 5 to 7 years to meet the capacity of a machine is financially difficult to get a machine, the machinery only 2-year period offers enough capacity. 


In general, companies that buy automatic machines with single row brushes are looking to sell the machine and get a big model machine before completing the financing of the machine. This situation is the fact that there are many single row brushed, low washing capacity automatic carpet washing machines in the second hand market and the prices are much lower than the zero values. We have developed a system that will enable our customers, who have the smallest model, to increase their capacity without experiencing financial loss in the coming years. 


Thanks to this system, which we call smart modular system, you can increase your capacity by adding additional modules to your existing machine. Please contact us for information.