FULLY AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINES FOR CARPETS, which are one of the preferences of people who professionally work in the carpet cleaning industry, reduce the workload, and also reduce the intensity of the work of companies that cleaning large volumes of carpets.


But how much carpet washing machines are needed to reduce work intensity and work with more performances.


We expect full performance from fully automatic carpet washing machines, which we have taken from a high price. We are seeing hundreds of machines manufactured by amateur companies who do not have experience in carpet washing sector.

But after the drying process it is necessary to wash again due to the remaining stains, which causes additional work and loss of time.


In order for machines to become cheaper, the machine is manufactured by reducing the quality of each part from the quality of the brush to the housing materials used in the machine.

As a person who has worked in the carpet washing sector for many years, I can say that if the carpet gets from the machine, hangs in the drying zone, this means that the cleaning is finished. If the carpet after drying is subjected to such operations as the additional removal of stains, dust, etc., this means that the money spent on buying a machine was wasted. This means that you paid for a pile of metal.


For a middling carpet cleaning machine there should be 8 independent brushes moving in both directions.

There should be cranes spraying the detergent in equal amounts using a spray system that gives the detergent to each brush.

After brushing, the old nap is cleaned with a cylindrical brush rotating in one direction, so that carpet cleaning is not required again after washing.

At the end of the carpet washing process on the automatic carpet cleaning machine, there is a rinsing system. This is an important and necessary part to removing detergent for washing carpets.

After the carpet rinse system, there should be a cylindrical brush cleaning the bottom surface of the carpet.


The machine should be made of quality material.

When heavy chemicals are used, an automatic carpet washing machine made of poor quality materials will everytime break down. This means extra costs for you.


On many forums, we see that when it comes to technical maintenance by the company of a carpet washing machine, the manufacturer can not be found. The machine broke down due to technical problems such as a voltage, etc., but the fact that it became difficult to find a company for maintenance of carpet cleaning machines is a very important problem.


Do not give your money to manufacturers who care only about how to sell. If there is no extraordinary, a fully automatic carpet washing machine should wash at least 1.5 million m2 of carpet without problems. This means, on average, 4-5 years of trouble-free operation.