Nowadays, with the development of technology, carpet washing factories started to use the latest technology machinery and equipment in their enterprises. Carpet use are among the most widely used products in Dünya'da as well as in Turkey. How to wash the carpet How to wash the carpet, carpet shampoos, which should be used in washing, we will answer questions.

First of all, it is necessary to find skilled craftsmen in a carpet cleaning factory. Carpet cleaning process should be done according to the types of carpets and yarn structures. Hand-woven Wool carpets washing process should be different shagi carpets washing process different, machine carpets washing process should be different.

Washing varies according to the yarn and dye used in carpets. Carpet shampoos used in carpet washing should be of good quality and harmless. Carpets If they are washed in automatic carpet washing machines, care should be taken up to the thickness of the brush.